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Audio Recorders

Phone and Voice Digital Audio Recorders for Meetings

Anyone who works with large amounts of information can benefit from using digital audio recorders for meetings or other similar situations. Think of these digital devices as extensions of your memory. When listening intently or even taking notes obsessively is no longer enough to do the job properly, it is time to resort to reliable digital measures.

Besides remembering every little bit of information that\'s taken from a live audio source, the device can also be used as a hidden audio recorder for home phones or landlines. Telephone recorders can be plugged directly into your phone jack, allowing you to record entire phone conversations, which you can later play back through a speaker with adjustable volume. The best part is that some of these mini recorders will allow you to start recording conversations discreetly and without attracting any unwanted attention. You can choose between manual recording, which requires the mere push of a button, and automatic recording, which starts at the beginning of a phone conversation.

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