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Arizona Tea Diversion Safe

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The Arizona Tea Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Arizona Iced Tea Diversion Can Safe to Deter Thieves

Hiding your valuables in plain sight can be more effective than hiding them underneath the bed mattress, in a locked drawer, or in a metal safe. Burglars only look at the obvious hiding spots but they’d never think about second-glancing an Arizona Iced Tea diversion can safe.

The Arizona Tea Diversion Safe is a type of home safe or disguised safe. This means it is designed to look exactly like an ordinary object, but it is in fact hollow. This allows you to hide your cash and jewelry and other valuables inside.

Burglars will go through all the common spots in your home: they’ll check closets, drawers, metal safes, and others. However, they would never suspect a can of Arizona Iced Tea to be a safe holding cash, car keys, and other items. They’d see it as an ordinary drink and ignore it.

Even if you look at the Arizona iced tea diversion safe up close, it’d be impossible to distinguish it from the real thing. Everything from its label to its colors and size are accurate to the real deal. However, looks alone won’t create the perfect disguise, which is why this also comes with added weight.

The can is designed to look like it is closed so it should weigh as heavy as a real can with liquid in it. To achieve this, the safe has added pads of weight in it. If a burglar were to pick it up, they’d be completely fooled into thinking it is a real can of iced tea.

Only you will be aware that the bottom can be screwed open. When open, you will find a hollow interior that measures 1 3/4 x 6 inches. This makes it big enough for you to hide cash, necklaces, watches, and important keys like your house keys, car keys, or keys to a metal safe hiding other valuables.

It is important to place this in the right place to ensure burglars don’t get suspicious. Place it in a cupboard along with a dozen or so real Arizona iced tea cans to make it blend in. You can even put this in your refrigerator since it will look even more natural in there.

Keep in mind that while this is perfect for home security, it can also be used in other areas. You can use a diversion safe for beach security as well. Hiding your cash in this can before you leave your spot to go swimming will guarantee no one will be able to steal it during your absence.

You can even use it in your car. Toss this in the trunk along with one or two real cans of Arizona Iced Tea, and any thief breaking into your car will never find where you stashed your cash.

Diversion safe cans such as this are just one example of covert home safes. Others can be designed to look like wall clocks, power outlets, oil cans, and even dried food. If you really want to hide your valuables, then it is optimal to give these disguised safes a try.

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