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Dog Repellents

Dog Pepper Spray and Sonic Vicious Dog Repellent

In the past five years, roughly 30 to 35 people have died from dog bites. Each year, there are approximately over 350,000 dog bite victims. Many are joggers, runners, cyclists, and outdoor recreationists. In many cases, dogs bite their owners. In all these cases, it would be safer to have a vicious dog repellent.

A dog repellent is exactly what it sounds like it is. It will keep a vicious dog away, preventing it from attacking you or a loved one. Shooting a dog outright is illegal, and animals do have their own set of rights as well, but when they attack, you still need something to protect yourself.

There are generally two types of dog repellents you can choose from. Both of these are effective and non-lethal means of self-defense against vicious, attacking dogs.

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