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Bear Repellents

Arm Yourself with Bear Repellent for Self Defense

Even among its fellow apex predators, it would be hard for any living animal to match the natural awesomeness of the wild bear. It is feared because of the power in its claws, teeth, and muscles. At the same time, it is globally adored for the warmth and texture of its mass of fat and fur. It is this respect and admiration for bears that makes bear repellent for self defense a necessity for the modern hiker, runner, ranger, or forester.

As humans play, work, and live on the beautiful continent of North America, they can sometimes come into close proximity with territorial and/or confused bears. Such situations often end in huge losses on both sides, either in the form of severe wounds or permanent injuries, or deaths. Thanks to modern chemistry, you no longer have to kill or wound every black, brown, or grizzly bear that you happen to come across. There is a way to share the land with these adorable killing machines.

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The basic idea behind this non-lethal weapon is animal control. Bear repellent effectiveness has been proven time and again, as it does its job with no permanent negative side effects to the bear. This is all owing to its main ingredient, capsaicin derived from oleoresin capsicum, a naturally occurring substance extracted from chili peppers. While no permanent damage is done, its immediate effects are staggering.

Bear pepper spray can cause severe irritation on any parts of the skin that it comes in contact with. Any full grown, aggressive bear unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a stream or cloud of repellent spray will experience immediate pain, irritation, and swelling on the soft tissues of the face.

Another good thing about this type of animal control is that it is environmentally friendly, which is what makes Guard Alaska Bear Spray the only spray that's publicly endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation. Because it is proven to be free from substances that are either flammable or harmful to the ozone layer, it is the only spray that the EPA approves for use against any and all bear species. This is a non-lethal weapon that should be strapped to the Bear Spray Holster of any ranger or forester who lives and works in bear country. Any bear deterrent spray sale would be remiss without it.

When it comes to bear spray home defense capability is another important thing to consider. The distance that a bear repellent pepper spray can shoot from directly affects its effectiveness in defending your home, campsite, or fellow hikers. In the case of the Mace Bearspray, the maximum distance in which you can hit a bear on the face is 30 feet. And because its mechanism is a fogger, your atomized dose of bear repellent works faster than most sprays.

Before getting into any situation wherein you might encounter wild bears, find out how to properly use your bear spray. It's just like any other weapon in that proper training will allow you to use it more effectively.