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A&W Rootbeer Diversion Safe

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The A&W Root beer Diversion Safe the best place to hide anything is in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

A&W Root Beer Can Safe to Avoid Thieves

There are options that you have to save yourself from hurt. You can also see to it that you save your belongings from harm. One way to do the latter is with the Root Beer can safe, which you may use to avoid or arrest thieving.

This A&W Rootbeer Diversion Safe may be utilized to protect your things from pickpockets, shoplifters, and many other types of thieves. It and other diversion safes may be used everywhere and every time that you like.

Can safes like the A&W Root Beer safe can may go with you anywhere that you want, like in your vehicle, a train, or a boat. In the house, the workplace, or the streets, they are remarkable hiding spaces for your cash, jewelry, or cell phone, too.

Objects like a passport, another wallet, or bank cards may be on the Root Beer stash safe as well, where they will be secure from all types of thieves. You may also fetch a real A&W Root Beer or any other drink with which to quench your thirst.

Aside from safes in drink cans and bottles, there are safes in food cans, too. They are even in grooming and care items like the Axe Body Spray Diversion Safe, as well as vehicle items like the JB Engine Degreaser Diversion Safe.

You can transport your valuables with care from one place to another while they are inside the A&W Rootbeer Diversion Safe and those other protective can safes. In these containers of many different sizes, they will not be damaged or spoiled.

There is a bottom or a top in most can safes, if not them all, that you may screw on and off. Ample space is inside where to hide your things, specifically from robbers and even thieves who have been guests in your own house.

The Rootbeer A&W defensive can itself has an interior safe with dimensions of an inch wide and 3 7/8 inches deep. It does seem like every other A&W Root Beer can from outside, and like most such soft drink cans. From outside, no one can say that a safe is inside.

Others will not observe that there is no root beer inside the can. They will not even really trouble themselves with what is in your bag and the minor objects in your house. Burglars will only other thief will only search your conventional safes for cash or jewelry, and also your bedroom cabinets.

You may also utilize diversion safes just like this A&W Rootbeer Diversion Safe or the Peanut Butter Diversion Safe in your home. They can uphold your valuable items so that thieves will not get to those items.

When in the house, you will have to guard for everyone who wants to harm your loved ones plus you. Some of those people may hurt or kill you all, and those who are only following your things will search through your home.

The A&W Rootbeer Diversion Safe is always great to have in the dining area and in the kitchen. Also, it can be on or under the center table or the side table, besides magazines plus books, or in the stairwell.

Interior Safe Dimensions: 1 x 3 7/8

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