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60 Inch Blowgun

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The 60 Inch Blowgun is .40 caliber, precision manufactured with seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing and guaranteed for life.

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Detailed Description

60 Inch Blowgun Self Defense, Hunting, Paintball Device

Blowguns are some of the most versatile weapons in the world. Blowgun self defense is very effective in taking down large attackers before they can get near you. They can also be used for hunting, paintball games, and target shooting. Of course, to achieve all that, you’ll want the best blowgun available.

This 60 Inch Blowgun is the one you’ll want to rely on. Not only is it design to be the perfect choice for all the aforementioned activities but it is also convenient and easy to use and carry, and customize to better fit your needs.

When looking for blowguns for hunting, you’ll want something that is very powerful. It should be able to hit a target with enough force and at a great distance. This blowgun meets both requirements as it can hit a target up to 250 feet away at a muzzle velocity of 350 feet-per-second.

How much force is that? It can stick a dart into a quarter inch of plywood even at a distance. If a mugger or home invader tried to do you harm, then this is the self-defense weapon that can instantly knock them down. The pain will be too much for them to even consider attacking you again.

A good blowgun should also be designed for efficiency no matter the conditions. This blow gun air & water combination design ensures you can fire darts or paintballs even when it is raining or snowing. This makes it the best hunting blowgun because it will work no matter what the weather is.

One reason for its strong build is the fact it uses aircraft aluminum tubing. This makes it durable and incredibly light. It is so strong that it is guaranteed to last even longer than you. If you want a single blowgun for the rest of your life, then this is the one you’re looking for.

Of course, blowguns aren’t just used for hunting, self-defense, or survival purposes. They can also be used for paintball games. Knowing where to buy paintball blowguns can be difficult, though, because most sellers focus on automated paintball guns. That is not an issue with this blowgun.

With a very easy optional accessory, you can change this hunting blowgun into a paintball blowgun. With the accessory attached, you can fire paintballs instead of darts. This attachment is a simple magazine that stores several paintballs, making it easy to carry, load, and detach when needed.

A 60 inch blowgun is very effective for hitting targets at long distances, and it is the best choice when you need more force. The longer your blowgun, the straighter it will fire and the more pressure it will gather. This makes it the ideal choice for hunting or for self-defense.

It gives you the advantage of being able to hit your target before they can even spot you. If there is a burglar in your home, you can use this to take them down before they even get close to you. This is also a good choice when hunting skittish animals like deer or rabbit since they run at the first sign of danger.

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