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48 Inch Blowgun

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The 48 Inch Blowgun is .40 caliber, precision manufactured with seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing and guaranteed for life.

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Detailed Description

.40 Caliber 48 Inch Blowgun with T-6061 Tubing

The 48 Inch Blowgun that is .40 caliber has been creating quite a buzz on the market for some time. It is precision-manufactured with seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing. The product is guaranteed for life and has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials on many online forums and discussion boards as a result. This is why you need to purchase it right away if you haven't bought it still. This read offers an inclusive overview of the 48 Inch Blowgun.

This .40 caliber blowgun is not a toy but the real thing, after all. The new improvements to the product will allow you to target ranges over two hundred and fifty feet and muzzle velocities as high as three hundred and fifty feet per second or more. In fact, the darts of the blowgun will easily penetrate a quarter of plywood without any issues.

The blowguns are 100% USA manufactured to the highest-quality in the industry. Each blowgun comes with twelve target darts, a muzzle guard, a mouthpiece, two dart quivers, and a foam grip.

The blowgun product is available on numerous e-commerce sites on the Internet but you need to purchase it from a trustworthy and safe e-commerce store. This is where Revere Security comes in handy. You can buy the 48 Inch Blowgun here and other blowguns, darts, paintballs, and accessories like dart quivers without any fear since they are reliable and trustworthy. The product is offered at a discounted price of $12.80 on our e-commerce store. Thus, if you haven't bought the product yet, it is time that you visit our e-commerce store and purchase it right now.

In conclusion, the 48 Inch Blowgun with a .40 caliber and seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing has been causing a buzz in the marketplace recently. The information in this article will facilitate your purchasing decision, after all.

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