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Pepper Shot 4 oz Pepper Spray Stream

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Our Pepper Shot 4 oz Pepper Spray Stream is a favorite with security guards and gives great protection at home.

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Pepper Shot Broken Stream Pepper Spray Windproof Defense

Out of all the different forms of pepper spray, direct or broken stream pepper spray is probably the most versatile. If you are armed with the Pepper Shot 4 oz. Pepper Spray Stream, you will be able to handle most situations wherein other types will just fail.

For instance, in the common comparison of pepper spray cone vs stream, the latter has more advantages. Cone pepper spray will give you a wider shooting arc than stream. The problem with this is that while the pressure is enough to control the direction of the burst, in the end it is going to go wherever the wind takes it. The same problem goes for the fogger mechanism. You might end up spraying yourself. This will not happen with a hot Pepper Shot direct stream pepper spray. Because the solution is released in liquid form, it will be consistent even if strong winds are present in the area. The arc could still go wayward if the winds were really strong, but in most cases, control would be maintained. In a fight, the more control you have over your own weapon, the better.

This goes double for when you are armed with oleoresin capsicum or OC pepper spray, as losing control might mean also spraying yourself and letting your attacker have the advantage. Keep in mind that a 10% OC solution can instantly blind a person temporarily and cause swelling in the eyes, nose, and throat. All of that comes with burning pain in 2 million Scoville Heat Units from Pepper Shot 10% pepper sprays. These can all last for 45 minutes. However, stream pepper sprays are not too effective in stormy weather. While they can still sting, the continuous flow of water from the environment can hamper their intensity. This is where gel and foam pepper sprays can do better. Those types of spray stick to the assailant's face, ensuring potent effects upon contact. The problem with foam is that you can spray most only from a short distance, which means having to get close to your attacker. While gel has greater distance than stream or foam, its shooting arc is very thin, requiring skilled aim in order to hit a target. Stream pattern pepper spray simply strikes the balance between all types.

It has a predictable shooting arc and good distance, and it works in most conditions. This particular 4 oz. stream is enough for 21 to 22 one-second shots and can shoot up to 18 feet. Additionally, small pepper sprays like the Pepper Shot stream pepper spray have the advantage of being very easy to handle as well as keep in your hand or pocket. And when it comes in a small size pepper spray can look non-threatening. This can fool attackers into thinking you are not capable of defending yourself. If you want to be able to carry the unit on a convenient location like your belt, you can get the leatherette holster with belt clip. For safety, all Pepper Shot Pepper Sprays have a locking actuator.