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Pepper Shot 4 oz Pepper Spray Fogger

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Our 4 oz Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Fogger is a favorite with security guards and gives great protection at home. Get the leatherette holster with belt clip to carry on your belt.

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Detailed Description

Pepper Shot Non-Lethal 10% OC Fogger Pepper Spray

There are many different types of pepper sprays, but OC fogger pepper spray is often cited as a favorite for security guards and law enforcers. Although stream pepper sprays are great, a fogger spray has a more accurate cone that ensures you will hit the target every single time.

What happens when you effectively spray the enemy? The Pepper Shot 4 oz. Pepper Spray Fogger is a non-lethal 10% OC pepper spray, and 10% can instantly stop anyone trying to hurt you.

That is a hot, intense spray. When it comes to contact with a human being, it swells the mucous membranes in the throat and lungs, causing the attacker to experience difficulty breathing. It also swells the veins in the eyes, effectively shutting them, blinding the enemy.

All that power would mean absolutely nothing if the pepper spray stream or fog would miss the target. A fogger is denser than a stream, and the Pepper Shot Fogger Pepper Spray has very fine grains that are far more effective than the coarse grains used in other products.

Before foam and gel pepper sprays came out, foggers were the great improvements over regular stream sprays. Foggers thicken the liquid formula into fine grains, so that when they come out, they puff into a cloud or mist. Attackers would have no means of getting out of the way or deflecting the mist the way they would a regular liquid stream.

The fogger mist of the Pepper Shot Fogger Pepper Spray is why Pepper Shot reviews count this among the best small pepper spray devices in the market. You do not ever want to miss because, the moment you do, the attacker might steal the spray and use it on you. Very often you only have one chance to use it. This pepper spray guarantees you will get the most out of your weapon.

It is potent and has an effective fog spray, and there is more to this tool. For one thing, it is small but contains 4 oz. of formula in it, giving you 18 to 20 one-second bursts. That is nearly double the amount of bursts you get with most compact pepper sprays.

Each burst reaches a distance of 15 to 18 feet. This makes it safe to use because you do not want to wait for an attacker to get real close before you start spraying. If you can disable an attacker at a distance, then the better, as you will be able to run sooner and dial 9-1-1 for help.

For roaming security guards, there is a compatible holster that allows you to clip this pepper spray onto your belt. This will make it easier to reach and quicker to use, two elements you need to take into consideration because keeping people safe also means you must respond as quickly as humanly possible.

For people just trying to stay safe at home or while heading home at night, this is a great pepper spray that is powerful without being bulky or difficult to use.

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