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3 In 1 130db Personal Alarm With Light

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The new 3 IN 1 130db Personal Alarm With Light is the only alarm that can act as a flashlight, personal alarm, laptop computer alarm, and window or door alarm. It has 2 attachments.

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Detailed Description

130dB Personal Alarm with Flashlight & Door, Window Alert

Escape is the best possible way to ensure that you can walk away from any criminal confrontation unscathed. That is why this personal alarm with flashlight is one of the most effective non-lethal and non-confrontational self-defense tools available. The 3 in 1 130dB Personal Alarm with Light can actually work as a personal alarm, door/window alarm, flashlight, and even laptop alarm, making it a very versatile “weapon” for self-defense.

When it comes to using self-defense weapons against a variety of threats, what is the bottom line? It is, of course, your own safety. The more you do not have to stay and fight, the better you can focus on escaping and staying safe and secure. This is what personal alarms can do for you. Whether electronic or aerosol, alarms of this type produce noises that are immediately recognizable as signals for danger or distress calls.

Civilians and law enforcement authorities cannot simply ignore such noises. That is why these devices work against criminals. The last thing that wrongdoers, muggers, and other criminals want is to draw attention to their ‘work’. And the best part is that anyone can use a security alarm or a panic alarm; even children, the elderly, or the sick. In fact, personal alarms for elderly people who can’t really scream for help are reliable emergency tools.

The 3 in 1 130dB Personal Alarm with Light comes with several features that allow it to be used as a tactical self-defense tool. There is the smart hook that can attach the device to your belt loop or your purse. There is also an attachment that allows it to be hooked up to a door, a window, or a laptop. Basically, any structure similar to a laptop’s hinging faces, door, or window can be fitted with this attachment.

There is a strobe light that can instantly activate once the alarm is triggered, which attracts extra attention. You can also use the light as a flashlight with a push of the right button. It is a universally useful device that you can bring with you 24/7 because, at a mere 3 inches long, 2 inches wide, and an inch thick, this 3 in 1 Personal Alarm is quite portable.

When it comes to personal alarms, loudest is best. How will 130dB of noise actually affect a criminal? Well, imagine a jackhammer being turned on right beside you. 130dB is even louder than that. Standing beside a jackhammer will only expose you to 110 to 120dB. So, imagine how startled someone would be if they were suddenly exposed to what this device can dish out.

You could use the criminals’ shock to either disarm him or simply escape from the situation. You could even use the flashlight to temporarily blind him, or even guide your aim when the confrontation is happening in a poorly-lit area.

What makes this perhaps the best personal alarm is that it can also be used to rig the windows/doors of your own home or of a hotel that you are staying in, protecting you from any thieves or invaders, wherever you may be staying for the night.

This alarm requires a (non-included) 9-volt battery.

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