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2oz Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster

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Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster

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2 oz Pepper Spray Holster for Small Pepper Sprays

Gun owners are already familiar with how important holsters are during an encounter that forces you to draw your weapon. When you have to bring out your gun, it is way easier to retrieve it from a holster instead of your pocket, pants, or bag. It is because holsters are designed for this specific purpose: enhancing reaction time (and by extension, convenience). Weapon and holster work together to aid the hands in reacting faster and better. The same goes for pepper spray. A small can of pepper spray is a much more effective self-defense tool when partnered with another tool: a 2 oz pepper spray holster. All of these tools enhance your capacity to attack and defend.

When it comes to self-defense, your body is your primary weapon. All other objects are secondary tools that can help your body do the job well. When those tools are used properly, the body can defend itself all the more easily. That makes the Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster for a 2 oz. Pepper Spray very important. Its simple leatherette material and practical construction might not look like much, but when used in conjunction with a 2 oz. bottle of pepper spray, it can provide instant access and double a person's reaction time.

Attached to your body via the pepper spray holster belt clip, it can keep your pepper spray within reach of your hands. With enough practice drawing and aiming your weapon, you will be better equipped at dealing with would-be attackers or criminals who want to do you harm.

Holsters for pepper spray make it much easier to administer the effects of OC pepper spray, which are either a complete or partial combination of the following: a swelling of the airways including the mucous membranes and sinuses; the forced shutting of the eyes due to area inflammation; and uncontrollable coughing and production of tears and mucus. These can last up to an hour or more. If you are using 18% hot pepper spray instead of regular 10% pepper spray, the effects can be even more intense. A holster can allow you to do this to your target faster than average.

That is why experts recommend this type of pepper spray holster for runners, nurses, teachers, and other professionals who especially need to always carry small pepper sprays. The compact size of the 2 oz. Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster allows your weapon to be concealable. Not only will this allow you to keep it anywhere you like, but it can also make you appear like you are not armed with an immobilizing chemical weapon. Your attacker might not realize you are capable of defending yourself until it is too late for them to react.

If you want to make the most out of being armed with a 2 oz. canister of weaponized, liquid, hot peppers, you would do well to get a small 2 oz. pepper spray holster for yourself. The quickness with which you can retrieve, aim, and fire your weapon can be enhanced by this simple piece of equipment.

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