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26 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton

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This SafeFamilyLife solid 26 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton expands to a full 26 inches with just a flick of the wrist.

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Detailed Description

26 Inch Hardened Steel Telescopic Baton Impact Weapon

Defending yourself can be a tricky business – you’ll want to get away from a mugger but you do not want to cause permanent injury or death, either. A good way of defending yourself is to use a non-lethal weapon that can take out any dangerous attacker, such as this hardened steel telescopic baton.

The SafeFamilyLife 26 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton is designed for civilian use, which is why it is fairly powerful without being designed to kill or cause serious injury. But it is also very easy to use and easy to carry around. Other than that, it is very similar to a professional law enforcement baton.

As a matter of fact, a police baton is designed with the same goal: to subdue a perpetrator without having to harm them that much. Most policemen use their baton when they know there is no need to use a gun or a knife, and this philosophy transfers here in a weapon that you, a civilian, can use as well.

The best steel baton is one that is powerful enough to take down even a tall and muscular opponent, and that is where this baton shines. It is made from pure steel, which guarantees each strike you make will knock them down, even if they try to block with their arm.

It is also retractable, which makes it far easier to carry with you. When retracted, it only measures up to 9.75 inches, but with a simple flick of the wrist, it will extend up to 26 inches. This is well over 2 feet, which guarantees a long reach. You’ll be able to defend yourself without having to get too close.

This collapsible baton also comes with its own nylon holster, giving you a full package for its low steel baton price. This lets you carry the baton by your waist by simply clipping it to your belt. This ensures that if someone suddenly pulls you to a corner to rob you, it won’t take more than a second to pull the baton out and fight back.

If 26 inches is too long, there are two other possible variants. There is also an extendable baton that extends only to 21 inches and another that extends only up to 16 inches. If you want to use the baton at night or to give you an extra edge over any attacker, you can also avail of the LED Light for Steel Baton.

Learning how to effectively steel baton fight is quick and easy. Even rookie cops need to undergo some training to master how to subdue a criminal with a baton, but you’ll quickly learn that this process goes by very fast. You can learn baton fighting simply through online videos or by attending a short class.

Making this process easier is the rubble handle. It makes the baton much more comfortable to hold and it allows you to get a firm grip, ensuring it won’t fall out of your hand in the heat of an emergency situation. It also guarantees you will be able to use the baton without harming your own hand.

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