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Pepper Shot 2 oz Pepper Spray Fogger

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Our Pepper Shot 2 oz Pepper Spray Fogger is perfect for home use or carrying on your belt with the leatherette holster with belt clip.

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The fogger's purpose is to atomize liquid and release it as a mist. What this ensures is coverage. In the event of an attack, if you are armed with the Pepper Shot 2 oz. Pepper Spray Fogger, this means your spray can cover a much bigger area than a liquid stream.

A fogger makes it easy to hit multiple perpetrators and even easier to hit a single face. It is a Pepper Shot spray feature that makes administering 10% OC or oleoresin capsicum much simpler. Should you fail to hit anything with your first shot, it is not a problem. Besides, the 2 oz. unit is capable of 8 to 10 one-second bursts of atomized pepper spray solution, which can be sprayed up to 12 feet.

Each burst can unleash 2 million Scoville Heat Units right in your attacker's face, causing near-instant blindness, as well as a burning pain and swelling in the soft tissues on and inside the face. While non-lethal, 10% OC can wreak havoc on a person's mucous membranes, sinuses, and airways. It all leads to 45 minutes of temporary and partial immobility due to extreme pain and discomfort.

This Pepper Shot Fogger Pepper Spray is easily concealable, too. An included leatherette holster with belt clip will allow you to carry the small pepper spray conveniently at arm's length. The actuator also locks for safety.

With the fogger mechanism, you do have less control of the chemical than if using a stream spray. While the path of a liquid stream is highly predictable, a cloud or fog goes where the wind takes it. While the initial pressure of release is enough to determine a fogger spray's path, the speed and direction of the wind ultimately dictates its destination. On a windy day, you might just end up spraying yourself instead of your attacker.

Before you buy small pepper spray, you might need to make the choice of either a pepper spray fog or stream. Do you think you might be attacked indoors or outdoors? Would you be able to control a fog of pepper spray even if it were windy? Would you be accurate enough to hit a person's face with a direct, liquid stream?

Because the fogger form covers a lot of ground and does not need you to aim too accurately, it is the perfect spray to use against a hostile bear. That is why most bear pepper sprays are foggers. As long as you can survive a bear attack, it probably matters little that the wind takes a bit of the spray back to you.