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2 oz Inert Fogger

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This 2 Ounce Fogger Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray uses water instead of pepper spray.

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Detailed Description

Fogger Inert Practice Sprays for Pepper Spray Training

Before you ever try to use pepper spray in an emergency situation, you should practice with inert practice sprays. This 2 oz. Inert Fogger Practice Spray will prepare you for the real thing, and it will ensure you can defend yourself when the times comes and you will not spray yourself accidentally.

Learning how to use pepper spray properly is essential for your safety and for developing efficiency. You will want to know at which angles pepper sprays work effectively, the distances they can reach, and how quickly you can pull one out as well as turn it on and use it.

The 2 oz. Fogger Water-Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray will allow you to do all of that. You will be able to test the waters and practice how you can defend yourself without wasting any real pepper spray with real OC content. OC, or oleoresin capsicum, is the primary ingredient.

Practicing also ensures your safety, whereas training with actual pepper spray is not a good idea since you might unintentionally spray yourself or someone else. Pepper sprays can effectively blind, choke, and cause a severe burning pain so you never want to experiment with them. Use some practice spray first so you can discover the dos and don’ts.

This particular practice pepper spray can emulates a fogger-pattern spray. Pepper sprays are often stream types or fogger types. Stream pepper spray shoots out the OC fluid like a water gun, while fogger pepper spray releases it in a mist. Foggers are effective for covering a large area and against multiple attackers.

However, a pepper spray fogger can have some blowback. This means a strong wind or the wrong shooting angle might blow the fog back towards you instead of towards your target. Using the best pepper spray fogger practice canister will allow you to practice avoiding such complications.

Using a fogger practice pepper spray can will also help you identify how far the mist can go. Mists can shoot up to around ten to 15 feet. However, the tail end of the mist might get blown to the sides. Take the time to practice and see how far the fogger will go in a straight direction before blowing off course.

Inside the practice pepper spray canister is water, pressurized with nitrogen, which is why it will not be dangerous like the OC solution in actual pepper spray.

Still, the nitrogen content could lead to eye irritations so make sure you never directly spray a person’s face. Instead, use this inert practice spray to learn how pepper sprays work and how fogger mists behave in different wind strengths and directions.

Safety is the name of the game, and this fogger training spray will ensure you never do any accidental spraying. It will help you learn how to use real pepper spray effectively so you can defend yourself when there is a real need to do so. Practice sprays are also useful for instructors teaching self-defense classes since these water-based sprays are used solely for teaching the basics.

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