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2 n 1 Personal/Door Alarm

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This is a 2 n 1 Personal/Door Alarm. It acts as a burglar alarm and a personal alarm.

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Detailed Description

120dB Personal Alarm with Door Window Entry Detector

In the world of self-defense, there is no better distraction than this 2 in 1 Personal/Door Alarm that works as a door window entry detector. This is the type of non-lethal defensive device that can give you a non-confrontational option for responding to potentially violent encounters with criminal elements.

It is all thanks to the amount of attention that such small, simple devices can attract when they are activated. Attention is one of the worst things that a criminal or a wrongdoer can attract when he or she is “working” the streets. And because of the instantly recognizable and extremely loud distress noises that these devices can produce, you can very easily attract both civilians and law enforcement to the scene with the push of a button.

This can also work to distract or startle criminals and instantly make them more vulnerable to other self-defense weapons, like pepper sprays or stun guns. These personal carry self-defense alarms can also be used as simple door and window alarms or even as personal alarms for the elderly. Anyone without the capacity to really fight back against criminals or scream for help (even during non-violent emergencies) can make use of this type of device. They are either aerosol-based or powered electronically; either way, they are very effective at attracting attention through noise.

The 120dB 2-in-1 Personal/Door Alarm acts not only as a personal alarm but also as a burglar alarm that can be hung on doorknobs via its included chain. It only works with metallic door knobs and non-metallic (plastic or wooden) doors. The moment that an intruder puts his or her hand on the doorknob, the alarm will immediately sound off, instantly alerting you to the presence of a possible burglar.

Alternatively, you can also just pull the chain to activate the alarm, which is what allows it to also be used as a mobile personal alarm that you can have with you at all times, especially when you are entering areas of potential danger.

The question of where to buy key chain alarm devices for doors has its answer right here on this website. A more difficult and useful question to answer would be how to use such an alarm. Each door/window/barrier alarm has its own unique design or way of being deployed. If you fully understand the capabilities and capacities of the particular alarm that you have chosen, then you can use it not just for defending your own home from both burglars and home invaders, but also as a way to better secure virtually any room that you are staying in for the night.

In this case, as long as the room that you are staying in features a metal doorknob on a non-metallic door (which is usually the case with most doors on motels, hotels, and transient rooms), the 120dB 2-in-1 Personal/Door Alarm can act as your first line of defense against anyone who might try to force their way into your quarters for whatever reason.

A single 9-volt battery is required for this device to function normally.

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