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19" Widescreen LCD Video Monitor

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The 19" Widescreen LCD Video Monitor can be used with all of our DVR's.

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Detailed Description

LCD Monitors for Video Cameras in Real-Time Surveillance

Some security system owners and operators do not see the need for LCD monitors in their systems. They either leave the recorded videos for later viewing when necessary or rely on being able to view footage on their personal devices. It all depends on the particular needs of the location being secured. The necessity for connecting your cameras to LCD monitors often comes when you are in charge of the real-time surveillance of either a large or high-risk facility. In cases like this, security personnel sometimes need to monitor the feed of several cameras at a time. If you have a setup with similar requirements, you will benefit from using LCD monitors for video cameras connected to your surveillance system.

Some locations need huge CCTV LCD video monitors for live surveillance. Using large monitors allows security personnel to clearly see the details of a live camera's feed. Bigger TVs mean clearer pictures, which means that it's easier to spot shoplifting, stealing, the presence of weapons, and any threatening or suspicious behavior. This is possible by linking the monitor to a compatible multi-channel DVR. You can either view a single feed on a monitor or use a splitting device to view more than one feed at a time.

That's right: with a bit of LCD video monitor calibration, you can program several live feeds to appear on a single 19-inch Widescreen LCD Video Monitor. In this case, up to four feeds per screen draws the balance between maximizing the screen's capabilities and considering the ability of your personnel to catch important details. If your security personnel is in charge of keeping safety and order in a supermarket, grocery store, appliance store, warehouse, large factory, night club, restaurant, or operations facility, professional LCD video monitors can substantially make them better at their job. Nothing raises a security team's morale like catching a criminal's hands in the cookie jar.

Medium and small monitors can be used side by side to display the feeds of different CCTV cameras. If you are just going to assign a single monitor for each camera's live feed, you will not need to worry about video quality and missing live details that may be crucial to the security of the location. If you or your employer have the budget for this, then it is another ideal setup.

These security setups can work whether in permanently secured locations (homes and businesses) or temporary ones (special events that need live CCTV coverage). Choose the one that best matches your security needs as well as your security budget.

If you are proud of having a security system with the best cameras, most reliable DVR devices, and highly durable connections, then you should definitely complete the setup by connecting them to LCD monitors. This is just the thing to give you, your employer, or your security personnel some much needed peace of mind. Think of it as another safety net or another layer of security. It just might save your entire system from being breached or compromised.

19" Widescreen LCD Video Monitor. Brightness (cd/m2):300 Video Input: VGA

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