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16 Camera Multi-Power Supplies

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16 Camera Multi-power supplies connect multiple cameras into one power box.



Detailed Description

Multi-Camera Regulated Power Supply for 16 Security Cameras

The power supply is without doubt one of the most essential parts of any fully functioning surveillance security system. And if you are talking about a system with more than 10 cameras, you will need a multi-camera regulated power supply. This 16 Camera Multi-Power Supplies box, as you can surmise from its name, is designed to supply adequate and safe amounts of electrical power to up to 16 cameras at once.

Cameras are the most important part of any modern surveillance system – they are your system’s eyes. The multi-camera power supplies box, on the other hand, is the heart – without which none of your eyes or cameras would even work. You can also choose to power your cameras one-by-one, but if you are building a system that requires multiple different cameras in several locations, then you need a ‘heart’ from which all or most of the cameras in your system can get electricity. You need a power supplies box designed to take on several cameras.

It is easily the best way to power medium to massive surveillance camera systems. From installation to any possible future maintenance concerns, you will only have a single power box to check. Other than making the system much easier to maintain, using a multi-power supplies box also allows for a much cleaner and more professional installation process, which is good news for amateur electricians everywhere.

The 16-Camera Multi-Power Supplies box is great for when you need to install security systems in schools, big shops, large houses, corporate office floors, large warehouses, and even events and temporary VIP locations that need constant surveillance. Sometimes, it is best to use a combination of single power supply units and multi-camera power supply units if you are installing around 20 or more cameras. In those cases, this product can take care of the needs of most cameras installed in your system.

When it comes to the question of how to power outdoor security camera systems or units, this product is the answer. If you need consistent 12v power supply for security camera units in your system to work properly, then this is the multi-power supplies box that you are looking for. Its PTC Autoreset feature simply means that devices connected to this box will either be unaffected or less affected by power surges and other circuit-related issues. There are also 16 individual Regulated Outputs, each one with a dedicated LED indicator. Its continuous current is 8amp, and the attached mounting flange can allow for quicker installation.

Whether you want to keep a constant, unblinking digital eye on your own home, or if you need to catch shoplifters and wrongdoers red-handed, you can trust a properly installed system of surveillance cameras to do these types of jobs for you. If your surveillance needs are similar to those described above, then you definitely need a surveillance camera system with more than just 1 or 2 cameras.

Take note that planning for security camera power supply cable routes is an essential part of installing your home or office surveillance system.

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