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1080P HD Weather Proof Dome Camera with 60 Foot Night Vision

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The IntelliSpy DC-AHD60-DN is a full HD weather proof dome camera with 60 feet of night vision with the equivalent to a 2.0 megapixel camera.

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Detailed Description

1080P HD Weather Proof Dome Camera with 60 Foot Night Vision

The latest security camera that has been causing quite a buzz in the marketplace is the IntelliSpy 1080P HD Weather Proof Dome Camera with 60 Foot Night Vision. Are you contemplating purchasing a reliable surveillance camera for house defense?

If so, you have come to the right place. You ought to realize the vital benefits of installing protective dome cameras in your residence. That way, you can pick without any problems the right product on the market to suit your requirements.

Dome cameras are accessible in diverse shapes plus sizes. These come as IP dome cameras as well as dome analog cameras. Also, some of the best cameras have features such as infrared (IR) night vision, thermal sensors, motion sensors, plus pan-tilt-zoom.

Many homeowners opt for this type of camera due to the massive area surveillance it provides. In fact, outdoor dome cameras are employed to monitor large areas such as detached garages, parking lots, plus large backyard spaces. On the other hand, indoor dome cameras are utilized to monitor various spaces inside the dwelling.

Dome cameras, whether indoor or outdoor, are mostly applied as panoramic video cameras, which are packed with multiple sensors. These units are equipped with ultra-wide angle cameras to expand the field of view to 180-degrees or 360-degrees.

Make sure the dome camera that you select is vandal-proof. If not, they are susceptible to damage due to rough handling. That's why you need to look for an outdoor dome camera that has a rating of IK 10.

Such a camera will ward off tampering and rough handling. On the other hand, the camera that you purchase should have an artistic appeal. Easy installation is another significant reason to consider before buying the best dome camera on the market.

That's where the 1080P HD Weather Proof Dome Camera with 60 Foot Night Vision comes in handy. It is a full HD, weatherproof surveillance camera that holds 60 feet of IR night vision.

In point of fact, the product is equivalent to a 2.0 megapixel video camera. Its full HD technology will grant you crystal-clear pictures compared to dome cameras that furnish blurry plus grainy pictures in the process.

You will find spools of cable in the accessories section of the camera. This, the IntelliSpy DC-AHD60-DN security dome camera, will adjust to the environment to supply a clear IR image. It is amazing for both indoor and outdoor settings since it has a 3.6mm lens plus a heavy-duty mounting bracket.

Its hidden cable design lets you mount the surveillance camera on the wall or ceiling quite simply. The camera works only with HD DVR's and comes with a two-year warranty period. Some of the salient features of the product include:

. 3.6mm Sony lens . Weatherproof IR camera with an IP65 rating . 1920x 1080p - full HD . Dimensions of the camera - 3.14" x 3.70" . Digital video output with a BNC connector . Vandal-proof heavy-duty housing

The IntelliSpy 1080P HD Weather Proof Dome Camera with 60 Foot Night Vision is genuinely an outstanding surveillance video camera for any abode or building. 

Features and Specifications: 

• Weatherproof IR Camera IP65 rating
• Full HD 1920x 1080p
• 24 pcs IR 60 foot range
• 3.6mm lens Sony
• Heavy duty housing Vandal proof Suitable for Wall & Ceiling installation
• Digital Video Output BNC Connector
• Dimensions 3.14” 3.70”

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