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1000 Lumens LED Self Defense Zoomable Flashlight

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The 1K Lumens LED Zoomable Flashlight is all the flashlight you will need, right on your hip!


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Detailed Description

1000 Lumens LED Self Defense Zoomable Flashlight

The 1000 Lumens LED Self Defense Zoomable Flashlight is described as one of the best self-defense flashlights that you will ever need, that you can carry on the area of your hip. With LEDs with a thousand lumens, this flashlight with zoom produces a blinding intensity. It is also easy to pinpoint or zoom the beam at the exact place that you need it.

When someone is standing 50 feet away, the 1000 Lumens LED Self Defense Zoomable Flashlight is able to zoom in from a beam that is 30 feet all the way down to a beam that is 6 feet. The innovative lens works by extending in order to narrow down the blazing light from more than 1,500 feet. This blinding strobe can be used for SOS signaling or as a defense disorientation. This flashlight usually retails for $24. 95, but at the site, you can get your flashlight for only $19.96.

Constructed out of a superior-quality aluminum rated as aircraft-grade, it is suggested as strong enough that it can also serve the purpose of a baton for self-defense purposes. The self-defense flashlight measures 7 11/16” x 1 3/8”, and it comes with a belt clip, a battery charger, and two 18650 lithium rechargeable batteries.

This zooming self-defense flashlight with its intense blinding effects is the ideal device to carry around for a type of self-defense device unit. Alternatively, the unit can be used for the purpose of an ordinary flashlight. The zoom is incredibly easy to use, which allows the user to quickly pinpoint this beam to where they want the light to shine.

For individuals who happen to feel threatened by an animal or a person, it is very easy to switch this flashlight onto what is known as the STROBE setting. All that is needed is to aim the beam towards their eyes, and this will definitely disorientate the attacker, which offers the individual an opportunity to run away or get to a safer place. The SOS setting is also a great highlight of this flashlight with zoom.

Positive Reviews of the 1,000 Lumens LED Zoomable Flashlight

On sites such as Amazon, there are reviews available on the 1000 Lumens LED Self Defense Zoomable Flashlight. One of these reviews is of a person who states that they really enjoy their new flashlight with the extremely bright 1000 lumens. They go onto say that the flashlight features a fantastic construction with the aluminum aircraft housing. The flashlight makes use of a LED bulb that is square in shape, and the rechargeable batteries add a great touch to the entire package on offer.

Other features include a convenient holder that can power the flashlight using 3 AAA batteries. The reviewer states that this offers the opportunity to never find yourself in a situation where you need the flashlight and the batteries are not charged. Other features that the reviewer enjoys are the 3 different light levels, plus the SOS and strobe function. This flashlight is recommended as a fantastic companion for camping trips. This flashlight serves multi-functions as a flashlight and a weapon for self-defense.

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