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1/2 oz Inert Stream

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The 1/2 Ounce Stream Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray uses water instead of pepper spray.

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Detailed Description

Inert Stream Water-Based Pepper Spray Practice Can

Pepper sprays are without a doubt some of the best self-defense tools you can rely on. They deal a lot of damage, they can incapacitate even the strongest enemy, and they are non-lethal, unlike guns. However, they are still dangerous so it is better to try out a pepper spray practice can first.

Learning how to use pepper spray correctly is essential so that you are well-equipped with the skills and experience in using real pepper spray during an emergency. You do not want to experiment and learn how pepper sprays work for the first time while you are dealing with a mugger or rapist.

The 1/2 oz. Inert Stream Practice Spray is an excellent choice to begin with. Since this is a can of inert spray for use in practice, it does not contain any oleoresin capsicum (OC) formula at all. Instead, you get a can with water, but the size and built are designed like most pepper spray cans. It even shoots out like pepper spray.

You will want to practice aiming and the angles you can spray from. You should practice taking out the pepper spray can from its holster so you do not fumble during a real emergency. Holster the practice pepper spray canister as well so you can try whipping it out and spraying several targets as fast as you can to see how effective you can be in real-life situations.

You will also want to take the time practicing to decide whether you want to rely on pepper spray stream or fogger sprays.

Stream pepper sprays shoot like water guns so you get less blowback from the wind, but you have to practice aiming. Streams are pure liquid so an attacker might also be able to wipe the formula off. Fogger pepper sprays have a wider range and are perfect for beginners, but they are more susceptible to blowback. You could accidentally spray yourself.

This product comes in two varieties. The yellow label 1/2 oz. Stream Water-Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray replicates stream types, while the red label replicates fogger types. Take the time to try both and see which kind of pepper spray you are most comfortable using.

Some people are more efficient with stream types and others with foggers so you will want to try and test the pros and cons of both before spending money on a real pepper spray product.

Despite there being nothing but water and no OC in the liquid, you should not use the inert practice spray stream on yourself or anyone else. These cans use nitrogen to pressurize the contents, and that can irritate the eyes and cause a soft burning sensation as well.

Pepper sprays might seem like the simplest self-defense weapons – all you do is point and spray – but efficiency, timing, and your own safety all come into question during an emergency. Really, you do not want to be unprepared. With this pepper spray practice can, you can make yourself ready in case you do find yourself in a dangerous situation.

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